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(ˈkan-dē man) , n. One who provides illicit money, usually a college alumn or booster club member. A&M's recruiting program reeks of the Candyman.
Carry out the plan of the day
(ˈka-rē au̇t thə plan uv thə dā) , v. Generic commandment given, usually followed by some arcane directive.
(kat) , n. Jeff Catlin. Also see -- Catlin, Jeff, Catman of the Americas and all Portuguese-speaking people, Chastity Belt.
Catlin, Jeff
(kat-lən) , n. The producer of the HardLine, the co-boss, scored a "10" on the seriousness scale. Has the most intense stare of any producer the HardLine has ever worked with. Also see -- Cat, Catman of the Americas and all Portuguese-speaking people, Chastity Belt. Cat aquired most of those names from Jordon Rhyner on one of her visits to the studio.
Catman of the Americas and all Portuguese-speaking people
n. Yet another name for Jeff Catlin. Etymology unknown.
Chastity Belt
(ˈchas-tə-tē belt) , n. Jeff Catlin. Legendary Sub-Culture faxer "Buck Naked in Plainview" sheds some light on its etymology:
'One Saturday night, Cat and Rick Arnett were filling in for Gordo. I faxed in, referring to them as the "Chastity Belts of the Little Ticket" and in parentheses, "They keep the pricks out." Cat read my offering over the air and expressed agreement with the moniker that I had given Rick and him in my fax. I think that I have that fax saved somewhere in my fax program.
The following Monday, Rhyns started referring to Cat as the "Chastity Belt" in the intro of the crew.</blockquote>

Also see -- Cat, Catlin, Jeff, Catman of the Americas and all Portuguese-speaking people.

Champion, Little Teddy
n. Childhood friend of Greggo's who lost a testicle in a tragic bicycle accident. Now, the pseudonym of a P-1r.
Chevalier, Papa Joe
(shə-ˈval-ˌyā) , n. See spare.
Chief Wahoo
(wä' hü) , n. Formerly frequent caller to the Hardline. Included here just because hes one of my favorites.
Christopher, Jimmy
(ˈkris-tə-fər) , n. Ticker master for the Dunham and Miller Show. Also see -- Saint.
City of Brotherly Shove
(sit' e of bruTH' er le shuv) , n. Philidelphia, Pennsylvania. A derogatory variant of "The City of Brotherly Love."
(kō-ˈkān ən(d) büb job ˈkrau̇d) , n. Those with an obsessive need to be with the trend. A winning Cowboys team packs the stands with the Cocaine and Boob-job crowd.
Comme ci comme ça
(kȯm-sē kȯm-sȧ) , adj. French for "so-so." Rocco used the word to mean . . . I don't know what.
Cooperstein, Chuck
:(küp' er sten) , n. Dearly departed keeper of the Noon to Three slot. Former holder of the "Evening Drive" slot. Also see -- Higher Authority, Thor.


D, The
(dē) , n. Drop. Can be handle in one of two ways:
  • E the D: The Drop is endorsed by the person in question.
  • D the D: The Drop is denied by the person in question.
Danny in Lake Highlands
n. Musical genius who has composed themes to most of the show on the Ticket.
(därk) , adj. At best, off color and inappropriate. The Fake Jerry called Marge Schott a "tumorous hag." That's dark.
Davidson, Corby
(dav' vid sən) , n. Producer of the Chris Arnold show. Also the Lizard King, the Glimmer Twin, Jim Morrison, Mickey Dolenz. Also see -- Paducathisho
Deez Nuts
(dēz nutz) , n. Phrase that has come into popularity thanks to some bored caller on the Max Miller Show. It's origin has been attributed to either rappers Dr. Dre or Snoop Doggy Dogg.
(dev'əl trē) , n. Dubious activity. What kind of deviltry are they throwin' down?
Diminutive Sports Neapolitan
(de nim' yə tiv sports nē'ə pol'ə ten) , n. Rocco Pendola as dubbed by Mike Rhyner.
(dis klo' zher) , v. Falls into two categories: voluntary and non.
  • Voluntary::Making other members of the Little Ticket's on-the air talent aware of Non-Ticket sanctioned public appearances.
  • Non:Failure to notify other members of the Little Ticket's on-the air talent of Non-Ticket sanctioned appearances. Generally brings swift and sure on-air retribution.
Do the cars, ticker, etc...
(dü the kärs, tik' er) , v. Rhyneristic admonishment to quit screwing around and do your work.
Dress Blues
(dres ˈblüz) , n. Something Fake Jerry says he'll buy just prior to committing suicide. Symbolic of being in a hopeless situation. Also the name of the instructional hockey league team That some Ticket personnel play on. I'm ready to go out and buy some dress blues and blow my brains out.
(drop') , n. Sound byte, usually used to humorous effect. If played by Expo, usually played at an inopportune moment.
Dual line comrex
(dü(-ə)l līn com'-reks) , n. The miracle by which a remote broadcast is made possible. Or in the words of the Laddy, "A comrex is a device that takes 2 telephone lines and extends them into 1 with more bandwidth...(of course the Ticket, now rarely ever uses this instead it is ISDN or MARTI Radio.)"
Duly noted
(ˈdü-lē no' tid) , v. Acknowledgement of an opinion, hot sports or otherwise. Duly noted, pal.
Dunham, George
(dun' am) , n. One half of the sexiest duo on the radio today. A 6' 3", 230 pound adonis, possessed of "unruly, sandy brown hair, wire frame glasses and just the slightest married-with-children paunch." Also -- Georgio, Magical, Mystical One