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"Idiot, idiot, idiot"
(ˈi-dē-ət) , interj. Exclamation, used by Greg Williams, to chastise a particularly ignorant person.
"I gotcha down"
Chris Arnold's acknowledgement of an opinon. Question of the day . . . are you a Cowboy fan? I gotcha down.
(im-ˈbrōl-(ˌ)yō) , n. A complicated or difficult situation. I think that Michael Irvin wears an imbroglio magnet in his pants.


Jerusalem Cruisers
(jə-ˈrü-s(ə-)ləm ˈkrü-zərs) , n. Sandals.
John Kruk Line, The
(kruk) , adj. 787-1225, the 1-Ball line. Also called the the John Kruk line since John Kruk has only one ball. If you don't know what I'm talking about, ask your parents.
(ˈjün-yər) , n. See Miller, Craig. After former Denver Bronco, Junior Miller.


Keith, Gordon
(keth) , n. The noted television personality, the poster-boy of underachievement, the student of Eros, the station cancer, the station mimic, the Devil's own and former finder of faggottry everywhere. Faithful sidekick to Dunham and Miller and host of Bohemian Rant.
Keeper of the Big Gold
(ˈkē-pər əv thə big gōld) , n. Julio Franco.
King of All Hair Transplants
(ˈkiŋ əv ˈȯl her ˌtran(t)s-ˈplants') , n. Dr. David Alkek
King of All Remotes
(ˈkiŋ əv ˈȯl ri-ˈmōts') , n. The HardLine.
King of Free
(ˈkiŋ əv frē) , n. Morry Lowry, owner of Dalworth Auto Electronics.


(ˈlās't) , n. Nickname for Johnny Oates. A Doogie-ism.
Letsche, Joe
(let' chē) , n. Producer for the Bob Sturm show. His name is now used to denote any kind of generic name, in "John Doe" fashion. Also -- Bullet in the brainpan.
Little Hummer Boy
(li-təl ˈhə-mər bȯi) , n. Gordon Keith, the man who has more name than Junior Miller has dates. Of course, that's not saying much ...
Little Ticket
(li-təl ˈti-kət) , n. I.e., The Ticket. Good morning to ya, sirs.
(liz' ˈbə-dē) , n. Doogie-ism for the "lawyer girlfriend." She relates it this way:
Lizbuddie comes from an imitation by Doogie, of course, of Mark doing the scoreboard with me on his mind. (The lifted skirt, if you will.) There is a little 6 man school in B.F.E., Tx called Lazbuddie. Doogie said he could see Mark saying "Lizbuddie takes so-n-so tonight.."
Lonesome Dove
(lōn(t)-səm ˈdəv) , n. See -- Williams, Greg.