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;'''<div id="RodneyNiemuth">Niemuth, Rodney</div>'''
;'''<div id="RodneyNiemuth">Niemuth, Rodney</div>'''
:<span style="font-family:Times Roman;">(nē muTH') , ''n.''</span>  Promotions coordinator for the Little Ticket and one of the largest men in Dallas radio.  Must be seen to be believed.  Also see -- '''[[Numbers/A-B#Behemoth|Behemoth]]'''.  
:<span style="font-family:Times Roman;">(nē muTH') , ''n.''</span>  Promotions coordinator for the Little Ticket and one of the largest men in Dallas radio.  Must be seen to be believed.  Also see -- '''[[Numbers/A-B#behemoth|Behemoth]]'''.  
;'''<div id="NurturingBosom">Nurturing Bosom of the Mothership</div>'''
;'''<div id="NurturingBosom">Nurturing Bosom of the Mothership</div>'''

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Magical Mystical One
(ma-ji-kəl ˈmis-ti-kəl ˈwən) , n. George Dunham as named by Gordo. Name formerly given to one of their producers.
Man bites Dog
adj. Something wacky. Something so unlikely as to be preposterous. I think John Burkett is the Ranger's best pitcher. That is so man bites dog.
Martinez, R.O.
(mär-ˈtē-nəs) , n. One of the Ticket Sub-Culture who went on to his reward not long ago. Originally coined the phrase, "Keep jammin'and we'll see ya!" Still used by the HardLine to this day as a tribute to him.
Mascorro, Gini
(mos-cor'-o) , n. Protege' of Julia Price, Betty Page look-alike and object of lust of Ticketheads. Posesses a voice of dusky timbre. Also see -- Queen of Darkness
Menefee, Curt
(me'-nə-fē) , n. One of the Ticket Originals. Keeper of the 9 to 11 weekdays slot. Could hit a softball further than any man alive. Believe it, brutha . . .
(ˈmelt-ˌdau̇n) , n. A mistake in action or judgement that causes a disruption in the flow of action or thought. A snafu, foul up or unexpected error. Also see -- Expo, Wheels Off
Mild Jewish Pladdie
(mild ˈjü-ish plad'-dē) , n. Expo. A take-off on Wild, Irish Laddie.
Miller, Craig
(mil'-ər) , n. The svelte, single, cycling half of the Gentle Musers. "A Peter Pan for the 90's. He has thick, wavy black hair tinged with gray at the temples. He desperately needs eyeglasses," and desperately needs a date.
Miller, Max
(maks) n. Most recently departed member of the Ticket on-air talent. Former keeper of eight to eleven evening slot.
Mitchell Brothers
(ˈmi-chəl) , n. Wild strip bar in San Francisco, CA that certain members of the Ticket staff visited a few years ago and fell in love with. A place of absolute debachery.
Mount Belzoni
(bel'-zon-ē) , n. According to the Old Gray Wolf this name comes from the Nightfly album by the Great Donald Fagan. The line itself being, "an independent station, W-J-A-Z with jazz and conversation from the foot of Mount Belzoni."
Murder One
(ˈmər-dər ˈwən) n. The scariest gangb*ng deathmobile ever seen. Gordon Keith describes his experience with it:
"It was a black, late seventies, big-ass, four door Cadilac floating about three inches off the ground (hydraulic shocks) and it was decked out with neon lights, gang symbols, and everything possible to make it look more menacing. And in big gold cursive letters across the back window was the moniker "Murder One". It was the freakiest thing we ever saw. We were incredulous."
(ˈmət) n. Rich Phillips. Name given to him by Rocco after Rich admitted he was of mixed heritage and therefore, a mutt.


(ˈnegəˌtōrē) , adj. In a word, no. Generally followed by the word "pal," depending on the level of Rhyner's pisstivity.
(ˈne-mə-səs) , n. Very simply, one's enemy. During football season, it turned into a regular segment-burner by having "nemesis confrontation" between various homers. The most notable of nemesis confronters were Paul the Damn Viking, Ray in Allen and J.D.
Neon Glow Boys
(ˈnē-ˌän ˈglō ˈbȯis) , n. Former band of Mike Rhyner.
Niemuth, Rodney
(nē muTH') , n. Promotions coordinator for the Little Ticket and one of the largest men in Dallas radio. Must be seen to be believed. Also see -- Behemoth.
Nurturing Bosom of the Mothership
(ˈnər-chər iŋ bu̇-zəm) , n. The studio at 3500 Maple. Also see -- Broadcast Valhalla].


Old Gray Wolf
(ˈōld grā wu̇lf) , n. Mike Rhyner. Also -- Old Gay Wolf, Old Queen Wolf. The new names come from a series of incidents that bring Rhyner's magazine subscription into question. One being his penchant for bikini brief and another being a set of reading glasses he wears which most of the crew thought presented a distinctly, non-hetero appearance.


(pē wən) , n. Weird radio jargon for someone who listens to one station exclusively. Much in the way Ticket listeners are faithful to their station.
(pa dü'sa disho) , n. Amalgam of the words "producer of this show." Also see -- Davidson, Corby . I'm not sure where this one came from but it's from a piece of paper taped to the outside of Corby's cubicle.
(pal) n. Verbal cue that one has cheesed Rhyner off with some particularly ignorant statement. Usually found at the end of a statement. "Now let me tell you something pal!"
Perfumed Inner Thigh and Raised Skirt
n. Alure. Also -- Raised Skirt and Painted Lips, Lifted Skirt and Perfumed Inner Thigh "He was seduced by the perfumed inner thigh and raised skirt of high school football play-by-play."
Pendola, Rocco
(pen-dōl'-ə) , n. The fungus of the Little Ticket. Former keeper of the noon to three weekdays slot. Fired because no-one at the station liked him. Also see -- Diminutive Sports Neapolitan. Also -- Rocker Pendoler, Dickie Pendola.
Philips, Rich
(ˈfi-ləps) , n. The Ticker guy for both the Chris Arnold and Rocco Pendola show. Rumored to have wrestled Harley Race in a Texas "Iron Lung" match. Co-host of the Throwdown with Mark Followill.. Also see Hicks, Richard (Dick), Mutt. Still known in wrestling circles as "El hombre fumiando."
Psycho Dave
(sī-(ˌ)kō) , n. Board Op for The Bob Sturm Show. Predicted by noted psychic Mike Rhyner as the one who will take his life.
Pick N Pull
n. Texas Motor Speedway.
Press Conference of the Airwaves
n. A failed bit of a feature from the Rocco Pendola show. It was supposed to be a forum when the callers would ask questions on radio's inner workings and other sundry topics. It didn't fly, but no matter since they rarely talk sports on his show anyway.
Price, Julia
(prīs) , n. The reigning queen of all traffic reports. Breaker of a million hearts in Ticketdom when she got married. Provides reports exclusively for the Dunham and Miller show. Also see -- Stick It Up Your Tailpipe Traffic.