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Magical Mystical One  
n. George Dunham as named by Gordo. Name formerly given to one of their producers.
Man bites Dog  
adj. Something wacky. Something so unlikely as to be preposterous. I think John Burkett is the Ranger's best pitcher. That is so man bites dog.
Martinez, R.O. 
(mar ti' nez) , n.One of the Ticket Sub-Culture who went on to his reward not long ago. Originally coined the phrase, "Keep jammin'and we'll see ya!" Still used by the HardLine to this day as a tribute to him.
Mascorro, Gini 
(mos cor' o) , n. Protege' of Julia Price, Betty Page look-alike and object of lust of Ticketheads. Posesses a voice of dusky timbre. Also see -- Queen of Darkness
Menefee, Curt 
(me' ne fe) , n. One of the Ticket Originals. Keeper of the 9 to 11 weekdays slot. Could hit a softball further than any man alive. Believe it, brutha . . .
(melt' doun) , n. 1. A mistake in action or judgement that causes a disruption in the flow of action or thought. A snafu, foul up or unexpected error. Also see -- Expo, Wheels Off
Mild Jewish Pladdie 
(mild jü' ish plad' de) , n. Expo. A take-off on Wild, Irish Laddie.
Miller, Craig 
(mil' er) , n. The svelte, single, cycling half of the Gentle Musers. "A Peter Pan for the 90's. He has thick, wavy black hair tinged with gray at the temples. He desperately needs eyeglasses," and desperately needs a date.
Miller, Max 
(maks) n. Most recently departed member of the Ticket on-air talent. Former keeper of eight to eleven evening slot.
Mitchell Brothers 
(mich' el) , n. Wild strip bar in San Francisco, CA that certain members of the Ticket staff visited a few years ago and fell in love with. A place of absolute debachery.
Mount Belzoni 
(bel' zon e) , n. According to the Old Gray Wolf this name comes from the Nightfly album by the Great Donald Fagan. The line itself being, "an independent station, W-J-A-Z with jazz and conversation from the foot of Mount Belzoni."
Murder One 
(mer' der wun) n.