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n. Pecentage of radio listening Dallas males, ages 25-54 who partake of the HardLine. Really HUGE as far as radio numbers go
1-ball line
(wən bȯl līn) , n. 787-1225. Phone line other than the main line or celluar. Generally reserved for reindeer games and contest response. Also see -- John Kruk Line
2-minute drill
(tü mi-nət dril) , n. Closing ritual of virtually every HardLine show. Always an unwieldy prospect from a remote location.
4-hour Ticket Ticker
(fȯr au̇(-ə)r ti-kət ti-kər) , n. The Throwdown. Named such because it's host are weekday Ticker Gurus Followill and Phillips.
3 tenents of the HardLine
(thrē ˈte-nəts əv thə härd-ˈlīn) , n. Packaging, minimizing and distancing.
6 simple edicts
(siks sim-pəl ē-ˌdikts) , n. Rules to follow when participating in the 2-minute drill. They are as follows:
  1. You get 30 seconds, or until we determine you story has become tiresome. Whichever happens first.
  2. Start whatever you have to say with the words, "I think that."
  3. Be ready to go when we come to you.
  4. Turn your radio off.
  5. Don't ask us how we are.
  6. Don't expect anything from us by way of response or reply.

Adhere to these six, simple edicts and this can go wherever you like.

17 Days
n. Song by "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince" whose intro provides the theme music for Chris Arnold's show.
60 more minutes of the Hardline
(siks-tē mȯr ˈmi-nəts əv thə härd-ˈlīn) , n. The dulcet tones of Jordan Rhyner announcing the final hour of the Hardline. Usually heard at the six o' clock hour. This was a take-off on an ESPN spot for their NFL Gameday.


Arnold, Chris
(är' neld) , n. The hardest working man in Ticket-dom. Master of all-media. Keeper of the Ten to Noon spot. Voted "Most Likely to Die of Exhaustion" by his high school peers.
Arnett, Rick
(är' net) , n. Aged producer of the Rocco Pendola show. Also, host of the Ticket's golf show, The Tee Box. Also see -- Geezer.
The Angry Board Op
n. Dave Lane. Also -- Gen-X Davey. As it was so glaringly shown on July 3, 1998, I am fallible. This referred to Gen-X Davey during a period when the Laddy was bouncing him from position to position within the station. He wasn't happy about it. This name comes from the period when Dave was the board-op for the HardLine.


Bad Karma
(bad ˈkär-mə) , n. Negative energy. Accumulation usually proportional to the amount of dark shtick offered.
Bag of Chips
(bag əv chips) , adj. Over and above. All that and a bag of chips.
Bayless, Skip
(ba- les) , n. One of the Ticket Originals. Keeper of the 6 to 9 weekday mornings slot. As one source put, "Bayless was worthless . . . great in print, but never really understood the radio biz." Also -- Dr. Bay
Beaten Down
(ˈbē-tən ˈdau̇n) , v. Overloaded, exasperated or exhausted by circumstances, events or abuse. Boy, I'm beaten down by Nate's shenanigans. -- beat one down, beating one down Also see -- Whipped.
(bi-ˈhē-məth) , n. See Niemuth, Rodney
(blu) , adj. Predictable color of the humor on the HardLine.
Bohemian Rant
(Bo·he·mē-ən rant) , n. Essentially, the Gordon Keith Show. Currently occupying the Seven to Ten, Saturday morning slot. Formerly relegated to the limbo of late Saturday night.
(bȯid) , n. Hometown of Greg Williams. What do you get when you gather up all the Boyd High School cheerleaders? A full set of teeth.
Broadcast Valhalla
(ˈbrȯd-ˌkast val-ˈha-lə) , n. The new high-tech studios at 3500 Maple overlooking beautiful Riverchon Park. Also see -- Nurturing Bosom of the Mothership.
(brə-thə) , n. Friend. Compadre. Compatriot. Often pronounced with exaggerated and extended tones. Renee' Siler's got it goin' on. I'm right there with ya, brutha.