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Q, The
(kyü) , n. The dominated wife of the Great Gordo.
Queen of Darkness
(kwēn əv därk'-nes) , n. See -- Mascorro, Gini.


Raging Sexual Fury
(ˈrāj-iŋ sek-sh(ə-)wəl fyu̇r-ē) , n. See -- Followill, Mark.
Ray, Hilary
(rā) , n. Former Ticker Chick for Max Miller. This Texas A&M product followed in the fine footsteps of one Julie Sneed.
Reverse whip
v. The act of the process of whipping backfiring on the whiper.
Rhyner, Jordan
(jȯr-dən) , n. The out-of-control daughter of Mike Rhyner. Much to chagrin of the male parental unit, she has a crush on Junior Miller. Kinda like a soap opera, isn't it? Also see -- Squid
Rhyner, Mike
(rī-nər) , n. The elder statesman of the Little Ticket. Seer, pundit, sports icon, Dallas radio legend and one of the few people in the world to have an autographed copy of the Bible. Also see -- Old Gray Wolf.
Robbing Peter to Pay Paul
v. The act of cutting a segment obscenely short in order to get to all the required commercials. Generally done when the previous segement has run over.
Rolling screenless
v. The 2-minute drill's younger, more chaotic sibling on steroids, initiated by Rocco Pendola. When the host take calls for a prolonged period without the benefit of the producer screening the calls, hence the name. Generally used to decide a dispute.
Rue the Day
(rü thə dā) , v. To regret something. Generally used in reference to any action taken by the Dallas Mavericks.


Saint, The
(ˈsānt) , n. Jimmy Christopher.
Scott, Kevin
(skät) , n. Ticker guy for Bob Sturm, though still know to throw down Tickers on the weekend. Also -- Ticket Ticket Kev.
(shē wu̇lf) , n. Wife. More particularly, Rhyner's wife.
Shock Value
(ˈshäk val-(ˌ)yü) , n. Something said purposely to incite or otherwise prevoke a response.
(shtik) , n. A generally humorous characteristic, routine, gimmick, trick, etc. Corporate jargon at the little Ticket. Barry Switzer was throwing down some shtick on his show last night.
(si-bliŋ) , n. Other stations in the Susquehanna Broadcasting family, circa 1998.
  • Diminutive with the black T-shirt and goatee: 93.3FM KKZN The Zone
  • More elephantine with the pocket protector: 570AM KLIF
  • More elephantine with the Straw Hat: 99.5FM KPLX.
Snapple Trick
(sna' pel trik) , n. When Greggo downs a 32 oz. bottle of Snapple in 5 seconds. A favorite of Rhyner and Cat.
(sōp-ˌbäks) , n. Something Chris Arnold likes to get up on top of and tell it like it is.
(sper) , n. Excess. Over and above. Something not needed. Generally used in reference to someone or something that is worthless. Plural: a gaggle of spares. Papa Joe is such a spare.
Sports Graffiti
(spȯrt grə-ˈfē-(ˌ)tē) , n. Distant cousin of the 2-minute drill formerly heard on the Max Miller show.
Sportts, Guy
(gī) , n. Generic sportscaster character birthed during the HardLine's trip to San Diego for the Super Bowl. Thought by many P-1s to be prepping Ticketdom for the arrival of Bob Sturm.
(skwid) , n. Kid, child. Used mainly in reference to Jordan Rhyner.
Station Afterthought
(stā-shən af-tər-ˌthȯt) , n. The HardLine.
Stick It Up Your Tailpipe Traffic
(stik it əp yər tāl'-ˌpīp tra-fik) , n. A man-made, constant-level occurance that occurs three times an hour, presided over by Julia Price (in the morning) and Gini Mascorro (in the afternoon).
Sturm, Bob
(stərm) , n. New keeper of the eight to eleven week nights slot. His most distinctive characteristic is that he has no distinguishing characteristics. Also -- The Bob Sturm Show, Sturminator. See Sportts, Guy, Sturminated
v. Bob Sturm's process of removing a person or topic from on air discussion by electoral process. Bob vaulted onto my good side by his Sturmination of his own producer, Little Joe Letche
(sub kəl-chər) , n. The elite caste of original HardLine fans or those so included by their ranks.
Subscribe to the Other Magazine
(səb-ˈskrīb tü thə əTH'ər ma-gə-ˌzēn) , v. Being of an alternative sexual preference. Non-heterosexual. Some people say Ray in Allen subscribes to the other magazine.