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Temple, The
(tem-pəl) n. The Ballpark in Arlington
That's a shot...
(THatz ə shät) , interj. Acknowledgement of derogatory statement made of someone. That's a shot at me!
(thȯr) , n. Truncated version of Chuck Cooperstein's nickname, "The Higher Authority." It was said he wasn't fond of the shortened version.
Thrice-hourly Sword of Damocles
(da-mə-ˌklēz) , n. A Rhynerism for the Ticket Ticker.
Throwdown, The
(thrō'-dau̇n) , n. Saturday afternoon show hosted by Mark Followill and Rich Phillips. Also -- 4-hour Ticker Ticker
(ti-kət hed) , n. The male variant nickname for Ticket listeners. The male version recently changed from "Tickhead" presumably to avoid confusion with a less savory word.
Ticket Chick
(ti-kət chik) , n.
1. The female variant nickname for Ticket listeners.
2. Ticket Chick can also stand for those mercenary models provided by the Bod Squad, who provide a distinctly feminine Ticket presence at roadshows. Last year or so, the bright idea was to publish a Ticket Chick calendar. The idea itself was a good one, the execution, though, was HUGELY flawed. 10 or 100 times the needed calanders were printed, making them almost worthless. To top it off, the photography, printing and layout of it was so bad, it prompted the on-air remarks (and the began the myth) about how tore up the Ticket Chicks were.
Ticket Ticker
(ti-kət ti-kər) , n. A natural occurrence, both loved and despised, that happens three times an hour.
Tore Up
(tȯr up) , adj. Having the appearance of being rode hard and put up wet. Not in good condition. The alleged condition of many female Ticket listeners.
Town of the Cow
(tau̇n əf thə kau̇) n. A Rynerism for Fort Worth, Texas. A variant of the phrase "Cowtown."
Trice up
(trīs əp) , v.t. To haul (up) and secure (a sail, boom, etc . . . ) with a rope.
(trī-ˈfek-tə) n. A trio of deaths, in keeping with the maxim that they occur in threes. Must occur within a 14-day period for it to be valid.


n. Herbal supplement taken by Greg Williams that increases energy, reduces stress and gives you that "extra boom-boom in the bedroom." Also see -- Yohimbe bark.
Village Idiot
(vi-lij i-dē-ət) , n. Ruben Sierra.
Virtual Rigidity
(vər-chə-wəl rə-ˈji-də-tē) , n. The original name for the one and only Hardline Homepage, created by the master faxer, Sideshow Bob. Also see -- hardliners.com.
Wheel's Off
(hwēlz ȯf) , adj. Unorganized, mistake-riddled or of poor quality. Also -- The wheels are off, wheels shootin' off, wheels came off, or now just, off. That was his first time running that meeting and it was so wheels off. Also see -- Expo, Meltdown.
(ˈhwip'-d) , v. Fed up, exhausted, aggravated by a situation. Also -- Reverse whip. I was whipped by Paul the Damn Viking's ranting.
Wild Irish Laddie
(wī(-ə)ld ī-rish la-dē) , n. Mike Thompson, former high-strung, micro-managing program director for the Ticket. Departed for the frozen wastes of the City of Brotherly Shove, Philadelphia.
Williams, Greg
(greg') , n. The true driving force behind the Hardline and possessor of one of the largest entouragés in modern radio. Also see -- Greggo, Hambonita, Hammer, Lonesome Dove


Yohimbe Bark
(yō-ˈhim-bē) , n. One of the more notable ingredients in Vigorfit/Vitalmen.
You never know
(yü' ne-vər ˈnō) , n. Chris Arnold's mantra of unpredictability.
Zippy the Mailbag Clown
n. Mascot to the HardLine Mailbag. Reportedly to have committed suicide on the air following a MailBag segment, though the Magical Mystical One says that Zippy is still alive and kicking.